Past Exhibitions

Madrid - February 2016

Taking part in the petit hotel Santa Bárbara in the spanish capitol, this new format of art fairs focused on young galleries, with was a perfect fit for Azucar.


The last tango in Buenos Aires
Casa A - May 2015

After 3 years spreading some of the best lating emerging art, Azucar prepares to jump into international markets.

From July 2015 Azucar starts working from berlin. offering a international platform for Latin Art.

Visions close to reality
Centro Cultural “El Colectivo” - March 2015

This show reunited six artist with focus on strong technical domain in painting. With figurative works, aiming to represent precisely the truth of real life.

Exhibited works by: Pedro De Matteis - Andrés Pérez Damián Rucci - Teko van Kuyk - Paula Ortega

Urban Visions
Centro Cultural “El Colectivo” - March 2015

On this occasion we curated an exhibition where the common point between the artwork are their urban representation, the selected artist interact with the urban environment and their elements.

Dinner for future Collectors
November - 2014

Azucar opened the doors of its exclusive showroom to bring the first edition of their "dinner for future collectors".

Aiming to familiarize the new public that desires to discover the first steps to buy art and start their own collection. 

Azúcar + Gordon Raphael
Korova Multispace - September 2014

Azucar collaborated with international producer Gordo Raphael to produce his first Artshow. 

Azúcar in EGGO Art fair
Centro Cultural Recoleta - October 2014

Azúcar participó de la feria de EGGO, siendo una experiencia muy grata como primera oportunidad para nosotros en este evento. Fuimos la segunda galería en venta de obras en la feria.

Azúcar in Black Hat Pub
August 2014

Azucar was hired to perform a cultural event in Black hat. It had the participation of musicians and an art exhibition

Art Luján
April 2014

Azucar was hired by private neighbourhood "Comarcas de Luján" to create a cultural event. An exhibition was organized with over 100 art pieces on 3 grand halls.

Azúcar: Audio visual Channel.
Mach 2014 - La Oreja Negra

In march 2014 we launched our audiovisual channel in a event with music, projections, visual arts and exhibitions by our top artists.

Azúcar Magazine #6 
November 2013 - Patio del Liceo

Azucar launched its sixth number with a collective group show with the artist that were presented on the magazine.

Azúcar presents: Digital Art 1.0
October 2013 - Patio del Liceo

Digital art is an exhibition that aims to study the limitations of new technologies in the production of art.

Azúcar presents: Sweet gallery
June 2013 - Patio del Liceo

This is the exhibition that started off our digital marketplace, where art can be bought from the comfort of your house.

Azúcar Magazine #5
May 2013 - Patio del Liceo

This exhibition marked the inauguration of Azucars first gallery space, in the Patio del Liceo in Buenos Aires.

Azúcar in RIO
February 2013 - Comuna / Rio de Janeiro

Azucars first international collaboration, with brazilian artists.

Azúcar ART Sale
December 2012 - Buenos Aires

An event that gathered 25 artists selling their artwork directly to the public. Also live music and dj's. An excellent opportunity for young artist to commercialize their artwork and get familiar to the commercial side of the artworld. 

Azúcar in Cultra
October 2012 - Patio del Liceo

The second number of Azucar was launched in collaboration with independent magazine.

Launching Azúcar MAG
August 2012 - Buenos Aires

Azucar is Born