LITA (Life Is Torturing Awesome) stands for controversial and vibrant expressiveness.
Being a visual artist LITA conceptualizes generously, consumes respectfully, digests constantly,
transforms vividly! Her practice evolved from traumatic experience and feminist approach. After
abandoning ideologies she turned to social constructionism and cognitive psychology in order to
separate herself from the mass culture paradigm.
Using anthropological, philosophical and psychological approaches, and collage and painting as
her medium, LITA reviews the standards and conventional ideas. She builds her practice on
interconnected phenomena: conceptualization of common matter of being, consumption,
digestion and transformation.
Considering conceptualization as a natural way of comprehension, constant mental and physical
consumption, unavoidable digestion and, as its result, transformation, she visualizes these
processes in graphic works.
LITA aims to broaden perspectives by speaking out for the significance of non-commercial
values and questioning the artificial nature of social constructs. Depicting fragility of human
nature and discomfort that one regularly enters, she reflects on the finding of a therapeutic exit
and shows the deformative normalcy of pain.